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A Little Bit About Me

  • USAW Sports Performance Coaching Certified

  • FTA Advanced Nutrition Certified

  • Life Coaching Certified

  • Professional Figure and Women's Classic Bodybuilding Athlete for Global Bodybuilding Organization (GBO)

  • BS and MS in Geology

I became passionate about health and fitness when it changed my entire life in 2011. I began my fitness journey with the local YMCA classes, then CrossFit in 2012, then Bodybuilding in 2014. In 2015 I earned professional status on a 100% natural and drug tested stage.

I continue to compete as a professional bodybuilder for GBO (Global Bodybuilding Organization)

In 2016, I opened and ran a gym in Houston, TX for 3 years. In 2018/2019 my focus shifted to my clients, when I lost the lease on my building, and began spending more time training clients and creating custom training and nutrition plans. 

Now I live in San Francisco, CA and run my business online with some in-person availability for local clients. 

My focus is improving lifestyle and creating long term changes that help form good and sustainable habits

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