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The Amy Kat Aesthetics program is incredible.

I needed: (wanted)

1) Accountability

2) Positive Coaching & Friendship

3) To break through my plateaus

4) A nutrition program that worked in real life

5) Time efficient shorter workouts

6) Real results

7) Life coaching

8) Affordable

A lot to ask for, right!?!

Let’s add in furlough and Covid.

Seriously, her program hits ALL the above. I hit goals in two months that I haven’t been able to reach, by myself, or with trainers, in 10 years.

I’m beyond grateful for Amy’s talent and patience. I know she puts in her whole heart and extra work and time to see me succeed. Thank you!!

-Dawn Porter (Online Training and Nutrition, Midland, TX) 

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Amy is much more than a physical trainer. . .

I worked with Amy this summer (Covid Summer 2020) and she literally helped me pull myself out of a serious emotional and physical slump.

Not only was I dealing with the blues of society being shut down and all that came with it, but I also was dealing with a break-up. Girl? I was eating like shit, hardly taking walks. . . suffice it to say I was freaking depressed ya'll!

When I met Amy however everything shifted.

This badass woman not only empowered me through her genuinely bright personality and contagious enthusiasm for "lifting heavy shit", but she helped me for the first time in my LIFE develop a *consistent* exercise routine.

If you are on the fence with hiring her or not, maybe going for a more affordable trainer who is new? Well, you could do that... but trust me when I say Amy is far more than a physical trainer and as a result she is worth every penny. Go for it! :)

-Jane Sheehan (In-Person and Online Training and Nutrition, San Francisco)

Testimonials: Testimonials

Love love love Amy. Whether in person or online, Amy provides constant guidance and support through every mental and physical challenge you may encounter. She's full of compassion and tough love, and will always be in your corner to push you when you need it the most. Cannot recommend her enough!

-Shawne Thorsen (In-Person Training and Online Training and Nutrition, Houston) 

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If you are wanting results and change your life, Amy Kat is the trainer for you! She brings the perfect balance of support and understanding with a dash of tough love when you need it the most.

I have followed her program for just over a year now. I can honestly say I am a whole new person because of her. I have gone from an insecure, unhappy woman with little self confidence to a strong Natty Pro! Amy will definitely help you achieve your goals!!!

Amy gave a personal touch to my journey. She was there for me through some tough times. She had my back but never let me quit! I adore and love her so much!

Calling Amy was definitely the best decision of my life!!

-Kim Olvera, GBO and NFF Pro (Online Competition Prep and Posing, Katy) 

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I’ve worked with quite a few trainers and I have to say that Amy is one of the best trainers I’ve worked with in regards to my fitness journey. She is kind, but firm, a great motivator, positive, and super knowledgeable in both training and nutrition. I highly recommend Amy!

-Jenny Lee (In-Person Training and Nutrition, San Francisco)

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I found Amy through a friend. Amy listened to my concerns and assigned a program that worked for me. Everything she programs is doable, sustainable, and life changing. Nothing “fad” about her or her programming. She met with me weekly to discuss what’s working or not working, and helped with minor tweaks along the way. She not only taught me a lot, she has been an inspiration as well.

-Dawn Henning (Online Training and Nutrition, Houston) 

Testimonials: Testimonials

Amy is an amazing role model and trainer. She listens to any concerns, but does not take excuses.

By following my personalized workout program and nutrition, I am reaching my health and aesthetic goals. I am more confident and can see the changes in my body.

Amy responds to any life changes and updates programming to keep things fresh. Most of all, she truly cares about all of her clients.

-Patti Shoemaker (Online Training and Nutrition, Houston)

Testimonials: Testimonials

Amy brings a positive and authentic perspective!! She’s real and understands the ups and downs we all face obtaining our goals. Love her!

-Tina Schlapprizzi (Bootcamp, San Francisco) 

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This woman right here is amazing! Her professionalism and desire to make people better is unparalleled. I have competed with her in the pro stage and she is truly a professional in all areas of her life. She treats all her clients with the utmost respect and values their health above all. You can’t go wrong with her!

-Melody Farkas (Professionalism Reference, Fellow GBO Pro Athlete, Houston)

Testimonials: Testimonials

It has been a pleasure working with Amy to get me show ready this year. She is always very responsive and can pivot quickly if needed. She cares about her athletes, but provides tough love when needed. I highly recommend Amy as a coach.

-Grace Gonzalez (Online Competition Prep and Posing, Houston) 

Testimonials: Testimonials

I have been Amy's client for 2 years now. She provides custom workout and meal plan per my needs and my busy work schedule. She is super responsive and easy to work with.

For especial event such as Photshoot, she adjusted the plans for me to be Photoshoot ready. I shredded 10lb in a month!

Highly recommending Amy!

-Icy Koo (In-Person and Online Training, Nutrition, and Competition Prep, Houston)

Testimonials: Testimonials

Strongest support ever!! I LOVE the results I have seen on my body. Her motivational skills are second to none. I have been trying to transform my body for years and she is helping me to make it happen!!

-Sylvia Motes (In-Person Training and Nutrition, Houston)

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Amy has been such a blessing in helping me realize my health and fitness goals in spite of some unaddressed injuries this year. She is kind and compassionate, yet will give you just the right amount of tough love to help you achieve your wellness goals. She has been an absolute joy to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

-Claire Iseton (In-Person and Online Training and Nutrition, Houston)

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Tucker Transformation.jpg

I was very impressed with what I found. Where ever you are in life, on your transformation, or workout plan, the staff and trainers will meet you where you are, and give u the program, incentive, and support you need to meet your goals.

The 6 week program is super easy to get started and follow, the workouts are good for beginners to experts, and hit all the right spots. While the diet is laid out well, easy to follow and with plenty of food where you aren’t starving all day. So I highly recommend it to anyone, where ever u are at. There will never be a perfect time to start. So if it matters to you, make it happen!

-David Tucker (6 Week Transformation Challenge, Austin) 

Testimonials: Testimonials

I am not a online reviewer so it has taken me awhile to sit down and write a review but Amy and her New Heights Fitness team deserves it. After two kids and years without taken care of myself I decided that it was my time to do something for me. After searching for places to go and talking to numerous trainers that had no early morning availability I was about to give up when I reached out to the neighborhood kids group and another mom suggested to call Amy. I reached out to her had a brief conversation, went to visit her and sign up to start working out with her and her team without thinking it twice. She was able to accommodate my early times, since it was the only way I could make my schedule work as a working mom of two and a wife. I started on May 23, 2018 and I haven’t looked back. I am not where I want to be in term of weight or fitness, it has been harder that what I thought it would be but I have stayed consistent and keep going every week to train with her or one of the members of her team. May 23 was my begin again, tons of things have happened during the last 15 weeks but I have kept going, it has been easy but I feel stronger each day, I have to admit I have to work hard on the nutrition aspect of my training but I know my trainer have my back. The days I don’t do my training session I feel there is something missing. I have enjoyed working out with the awesome coaches Richard, Angie, Gilly and the fabulous Amy. I liked the vibe of the place. Every day is a new routine, they keep things fresh and exciting and above all they have shown me how to do things the right way. Thank you Amy and New Heights Fitness little by little I have been able to find myself again.

-Shakira Moreno-Felix (In-Person Training and Nutrition, Houston)

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Amy is an awesome person and human being with a heart of gold and a passion for People, Fitness and her Business Snap Fit! Amy truly loves what she does and she truly cares about your fitness goals! Bravo!!!! Amy for a job well done!!!

-Fred Goerges (Professionalism Reference, Houston)

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the first gym where I didn't feel intimidated trying new workouts or equipment. The staff wants you to meet your personal goals and feel good doing it. Your skill level doesn't matter; they meet you where you are at and push you while lifting you and celebrating you and your personal success.

-Kellie Rulong (In-Person Training, Houston)

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Great place to train and get very personalized guidance for YOUR transformation! Whether you're just getting started or looking to improve strength, speed, agility, etc., all the tools are here for you, and the staff is on top of it! Members are super friendly and very close-knit as well! Highly recommend it!

-Richard Lau (Online Training and Nutrition and Professionalism Reference, Houston)

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